Other watersheds in the Inland Bays
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Buntings Branch
The Buntings Branch watershed is a subwatershed of the Little Assawoman Bay and is located in the south central section of Sussex County. The branch flows southward and crosses the Delaware-Maryland state line about one and one-quarter miles below Selbyville.

Little Assawoman Bay makes up one of three of Delaware's Inland Bays. The Inland Bays consist of three interconnected bodies of water - Rehoboth Bay, Indian River Bay, and Little Assawoman Bay - all located in southeastern Sussex County. The Little Assawoman, Assawoman, and Buntings Branch watersheds are all part of the Little Assawoman Bay, and drain an area that extends from the Assawoman Canal to its confluence with Little Assawoman Bay on the southeast coast of Delaware.

The land use of the watershed is made up primarily of agriculture and wetlands. Selbyville is the only incorporated town. Cypress Swamp, a unique natural feature, is located in this watershed.
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View of a field of crimson clover in Selbyville
Photo credit: Peggy Udinsk