Other watersheds in the Piedmont
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Shellpot Creek
The Shellpot Creek watershed is located in northeastern New Castle County. The six-mile long mainstem of the creek rises just north of Wilmington and flows southeast to the Delaware River. Shellpot Creek is a tributary of the Delaware River and drains directly to the Delaware River. The lower one mile of the creek is tidal; the remainder of the watershed is freshwater non-tidal.

This watershed is the most suburbanized drainage area in the Piedmont Basin. Very little agriculture takes place in the watershed and a considerable portion is covered by impervious surfaces that promote rapid runoff. The watershed is highly urbanized with commercial, residential, and industrial land uses. The town of Bellefonte is located in the watershed.
Rail transportation crosses the area for the Conrail and Amtrak lines.
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View of Bellevue State Park covered in snow
Photo credit: Dave Nemeth